Toddy Smith

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Born and raised in Huntington Beach, California, Toddy Smith is a Youtuber and former Vine Star, who followed in the footsteps of some of his best friends – influencers such as Scotty Sire, David Dobrik, Heath Hussar, and Zane Hijazi – to become a fast growing social media sensation. Before his Youtube fame, he made it to the top 3 on Season 4 of Sweet Home Alabama before being eliminated. A content creator (and secretly a deep introspective poet and hopeless romantic), he has been known to make prank videos and vlogs with his roommates and friends across their collective platforms.


Toddy is now broadening his influence by working with various brands, as well as diving into the worlds of acting, hosting and modeling. He also has a clothing line of street wear called Toddy Mochas. He hopes to use his platform and big heart to stop bullying, to spread the message that people shouldn’t take themselves too seriously, and of course to inspire fun and goodtimes.


Social Media Following: 2+ Million Followers