Robert Hoffman

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Robert Hoffman is an accomplished actor, dancer, host, producer and digital star. His movie credits include She's The Man, You Got Served, Aliens In The Attic, and Step Up 2: The Streets, the latter of which he won an MTV Movie Award for best kiss in his lead role.
Furthermore, he has had success on the small screen with roles on Wild 'N Out, 90210 and Grey's Anatomy. He also hosted TruTV’s Fake Off. With his unique brand of dance comedy, Robert has achieved viral recognition for his work with Ellen Degeneres with Dance Prank videos, as well as videos on his own YouTube channel PUNCHROBERT, amassing over 50 million views to date.

Robert’s most recent endeavors include diving into the worlds of comedy writing and music, as well as vlogging under the introspective auspice of his latest venture called Logical Enlightenment