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Ingrid is an internationally known chef that specializes in flavorful Latin-inspired cooking with a healthy twist. She provides step-by-step recipe instructions, new must-try spices and flavors and any and all things food related.

A natural host and entertainer, Ingrid can provide easy-to-follow tips on creating the perfect celebratory get-together, dinner party, family gathering, etc. all with her unique brand of approachable and festive vivaciousness. She is able to provide insight on the menu, tablescape, décor, and everything else one needs to create an unforgettable entertaining party. 

With many years of experience and training under her belt, Ingrid is a knowledgeable resource and able to provide themed advice and commentary such as “use this, not that” and “looks for less”.

Ingrid has been extremely successful at developing brands and merchandising that ring true to her core competency as a “professional eater”. Having built the Delicioso brand from inception, to selling it to the media giant Univision, and also bringing it to Food Network and the Cooking Channel. Ingrid also developed her cookware/housewares line and steered the ship from design to manufacturing to distribution through HSN as well as brick and mortar retailers.

Following the success of her popular Univision cooking show “Delicioso”, Ingrid launched her first English-speaking show on Food Network in 2007. Aptly titled “Simply Delicioso, the show became and instant fan favorite and brought an even wider audience to the network. The show now also airs on the Cooking Channel. Ingrid is the latest host of “Top Chef Estrellas” (Telemundo).

With a loyal and continuously growing fan base of both English and Spanish speakers, Ingrid has published her bestselling cookbooks in both languages, reaching a massive worldwide audience.