Alejandro Toro

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Alejandro Toro is an actor, host, traveler and storyteller, hungry to learn and shine a light on stories that deserve to be heard. He is also a successful voice over artist, lending his voice to popular TV shows in Spanish, such as South Park. Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Alejandro represents important brands worldwide, as he has had the opportunity to develop a name and social media following in the culinary world as an inquisitive lover of food — this being the result of his positive participation in FOX’s Masterchef with Gordon Ramsay.


In addition, Alejandro recently hosted “The Good Truck," a digital series from Tastemade that features do-good organizations along the California coast that serve their community, and the authentic cuisines therein. Behind the cameras, Alejandro is a content producer, who loves to document and share his interactions with interesting people. He also enjoys traveling across the US and Latin America, and serves as the perfect cross-interviewer to connect and share peoples stories in both English and Spanish.


Accordingly, equally important to his creative work is his advocacy and media producing in support of his home country Venezuela, where people are presently being politically and economically oppressed by tyranny.  Alejandro Toro is an asset both in front of and behind the camera.